WOOM has set new quality standards for children’s bicycles in its role as full-range supplier with the slogan “The better bike for kids!”. The bicycles were designed from scratch with attention to detail tailored to the needs of children. They are produced in all child sizes from light, high-quality aluminium. Safety, ergonomics, handling, design, non-toxicity and sustainability are features of WOOM Bikes. The founders of WOOM had failed to find good children’s bicycles for their own offspring – and so they tackled the problem themselves. The prototypes were tested live in cycle safety trainings for kids before WOOM started sales in 2013. One special feature is the “Upcycle System”, which allows the bicycles to grow along with the kids. WOOM bikes  are being sold all over Europe via an online shop. Since 2015 the best bike for kids has also conquered the US market.