Three times a year the newsletter of the “CycleCompetence Austria” (Radkompetenz Österreich) offers up-to-date information, brand new studies and practical tips for improving cycle traffic. This way we want to reach as many readers all over Europe as possible. This time there is the chance to win a Raincombi overall! Tell your friends and colleagues about our newsletter!

Taking part is easy: Go to to register, put in your e-mail address and information and wait for the dates of the draw. We will notify the winners via e-mail. Among all new subscribers we are giving away the following products or vouchers.

  • VELLO, the award-winning high-performance folding bike: €500-voucher for all VELLO-models.Was won on 12 May 2016 by Isabel Klebinger. Congratulations!
  • WOOM, the better bike for kids: €350 voucher for a WOOM 2 helmet and gloves in WOOM design (can also be used as partial payment for any other WOOM model). Was won on 12 May 2016 by Martin Zich. Congratulations!
  • RAINCOMBI, the smart rain overall: A voucher for the model   “Sporty” (259€) or “Parka” (269€) – whichever you prefer. The draw will take place on 22. September 2016.


Pre-ordering RAINCOMBI saves resources and money

With RAINCOMBI not only the product is innovative but also the new pre-order campaign. With it the Cycle Competence member proves including customers in production decisions is creating a win-win situation for everybody involved: “When customers are signaling us via pre-orders which models, sizes and colours we are to produce, we are saving on storage costs and we do not have the uncertainty of not knowing what is needed,” says Oksana Stavrou, managing director of RAINCOMBI.

These savings are passed on to the customers – in the form of a discount when pre-ordering. The current pre-order campaign is running until end-October 2016. It is open both for individual customers as well as sales partners. The new batch will be delivered in January 2017. Please find further details here.


Stay dry in ecologically produced overalls by RAINCOMBI


Terms and conditions:

All subscribers to the newsletter who have registered since 15 April 2016 and are still registered as subscribers on the day of the draw will be entered. The draw will be held without the possibility of recourse to legal action. The prizes cannot be converted into cash. Employees of member companies of Radkompetenz Austria are not eligible to take part and neither are persons under 14 years of age. The winners will be notified by mail. By taking part in the prize draw you agree to receiving e-mail newsletters by “Radkompetenz Österreich” and its member companies. You can cancel your subscription any time.

Please proceed to the subscription site:

Photos: Raincombi

Posted on September 13, 2016