“KinderRadSpaß” 2016: Cycle competence and fun for 1,500 children

The “KinderRadSpaß” (literally “ChildrenCycleFun”) workshops organised by Cycle Competence member Radlobby support children’s love for activity and convey safe conduct in traffic, competence in riding a bike and cycling techniques. In Vienna, year-to-date already over 1,500 children have taken part in the “KinderRadSpaß” program.

Safe conduct in traffic, cycle competence and cycling techniques in one afternoon! Fun included!

Children prefer learning without noticing it – and this is also the best way for them: Content packed into fun and games, together and actively. The “KinderRadSpaß” by Radlobby provides children with the basic skills for the successful transition of bicycles from play equipment to mode of transportation. “The sensual, playful approach to cycling is emphasised”, explains Eliza Brunmayr, course instructor at Radlobby Vienna. “Many children would love to cycle more often but they don’t find the right environment to do so. With our workshops we support children’s love for activity and pass on enthusiasm for cycling.”

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The mobility agency (“Mobilitätsagentur”) Vienna has financed workshops for 31 primary school classes in 2016. Additionally, 15 “KinderRadSpaß” workshops were booked in play streets in many Viennese districts. The course equipment is delivered by the course instructors on bicycles and bicycle trailers – including the popular course bikes, provided by Cycle Competence member WOOM for “KinderRadSpaß”.

Please find details on the “KinderRadSpaß” workshops on the Radlobby Vienna website.

Fotos: Christian Fürthner/Mobilitätsagentur Wien

Posted on September 14, 2016