Four new members with cycle competence: Province of Vorarlberg, RADland Niederösterreich, Verracon and MCS Maderna

Four new members are strengthening the platform “Cycle Competence Austria” since the start of 2017: The Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria (eNu), the province of Vorarlberg, the traffic planning company Verracon GmbH and the bicycle developer and cargo bike specialist MCS Maderna. This means the platform has grown to 24 members in its third year.

UPDATE: In addition to the four new members in March another new member joined Cycle Competence Austria in May: The Vienna Mobility Agency.

The province of Vorarlberg, pioneer among the Austrian provinces when it comes to every-day cycling, is a supporting member of Cycle Competence Austria. To increase the share of bicycle traffic from currently 16% to 20% by 2020 the province is focusing, among other things, on facilitating the combination of bicycle and public transport. It also wants to expand the cycling infrastructure, also between city centres. Another new Cycle Competence member, Verracon GmbH, has been commissioned by the province of Vorarlberg to evaluate the quality of the cycle routes for daily use. One of the core competences of Verracon GmbH is to develop solid fundamentals for decisions and strategies together with cycling experts from municipalities, provinces and ministries to promote cycling.

Quality assessment every-day cycle traffic

Quality assessment every-day cycle traffic by Verracon Gmbh for the province of Vorarlberg/Energy Institute Vorarlberg

Cargobikes are booming. The “MCS Truck” is an Austrian quality product on the market which has been developed by Cycle Competence member MCS Maderna Cycle Systems. The single-track low-loader is an all-rounder – developed for professional use by delivery services and for tradespeople. MCS Maderna is developing concepts and innovative vehicles in the transportation design area.

TRUCKbike produkt kl

The fourth new addition is “RADLand Niederösterreich”, a campain run by the Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria (eNu). It is coordinating service offers by the province of Lower Austria relating to energy, nature and environment. RADLand offers information and services all around cycling. Among other things municipalities are supported in implementing measures to promote cycling.

Posted on April 12, 2017