Cycle Competence trip: German Cycling Academy visits Vienna

Training, networking and exchange of experience take a central role in promoting cycling. The Cycling Academy (“Fahrradakademie”) of the German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) has been pursuing these strategies since 2007 and once a year it is visiting a region that plays a leading role in promoting cycling traffic. In 2016 it was Copenhagen – now it is Vienna’s turn. The study trip is organized by Cycle Competence Austria. The platform also offers bespoke best practice trips for administrations, companies and institutions interested in the Austrian approach to increasing cycle traffic.

Liveable city via integrated settlement and traffic development

This is the title of the three-day study trip in Vienna from 3 to 5 May 2017. As Vienna ranks among the most liveable cities in the world, we will try to answer questions such as: “What makes Vienna so special? Why is the quality of life in this city so high? How does the city of Vienna handle the projected increase in population and city migration to remain a role model?” The program gives an insight into how the Austrian capital meets challenges in the areas of settlement and traffic development and into the role cycle traffic is playing.

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From first hand experience the following cornerstones will be presented: city development plan “STEP 2025”, the integrated technical concept mobility, and the communication and promotion concepts by the mobility agency of the city of Vienna. New urban development areas are visited: First, the area around the new “Hauptbahnhof”, the new central railway station, with a cycling traffic concept, cycle station “Radstation” and the residential project “Bike + Rails”. Second, the “Seestadt Aspern” combining a small city in development at the periphery connected via the underground network with cycle traffic promotion projects as well as future-oriented spatial planning.

Buntes Programm und Vortragsreigen

Detaileinblicke in das Rad-Langstrecken-Konzept für Radschnellverbindungen und das erfolgreiche Transportrad-Förderungskonzept sowie Radexkursionen zu den Hotspots der Wiener Radverkehrsplanung runden das Programm ab. Ergänzt wird es durch fachlichen Austausch mit Entscheiderinnen und Entscheidern aus Politik und Verwaltung sowie klassischem Wiener Kulturprogramm.

Varied program and lecture series

Detailled insight into the long-distance cycling concept for cycling highways and the successful cargo bike subsidy concept as well as cycling trips to the hotspots of Vienna cycle traffic planning are completing the program. Additionally, there will be an exchange of experiences with decision-makers from politics and administration as well as a classic Viennese culture program.

Sebastian Bührmann, head of the cycling academy, will be leading the study trip. Alec Hager, coordinator of the platform “Cycle Competence Austria”, will be supporting him.  Both the head of the department for mobility strategies of the city of Vienna, Angelika Winkler, the cycling commissioner of the city of Vienna, Martin Blum, as well as the Austrian federal coordinator from the BMLFUW ministry, Martin Eder, feature on the lecture list. Specialist insight into cycle traffic planning will be given by the deputy heads of the mobility strategy department Gregor Stratil-Sauer and Thomas Berger. The traffic planners Michael Szeiler and Martin Niegl from the Cycle Competence members Rosinak & Partner and komobile w7 respectively will complement the agenda with details from practical experience. They will also take the participants on a guided cycling tour to examples for cycle traffic development. Course instructor Eliza Brunmayr from the Radlobby will present the wide range of cycling courses in Vienna.

Streetlife Festival 2016

The new Viennese city quarter “Seestadt Aspern” gets a lot of international attention. Its mobility concept will be the main point on the agenda on day 3. Lukas Lang, project manager for planning and mobility of the Wien 3420 Aspern Development AG, will be giving details from first hand experience. He will get support from by Michael Bauer from Cycle Competence member “katapult”, agency for sustainable communication and winner of the competitions for ideas for sustainable mobility in the Seestadt Aspern. After a guided cycling tour through the Seestadt Aspern the culinary finale will take place at the project “United in Cycling” which is combining cycling initiative, shop, repair shop and restaurant.


Concept and organization of the study trip lies with Cycle Competence Austria, jointly carried out by Radlobby IGF, komobile w7 and Rosinak & Partner with the German Institute of Urban Affairs and supported by the mobility agency of the city of Vienna. Deadline for registration ended on 22 March, the tour is fully booked.

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Photos: Christian Fürthner (3), Stephan Doleschal (Seestadt)

Posted on April 27, 2017