Cycling strategy city of Salzburg 2025+

The city of Salzburg already is one of the leading cycling cities of Austria with a 20% share of cycle traffic. Now it has presented its new cycling traffic strategy “Radstrategie Salzburg 2025+”.  Cycling traffic in Salzburg is to be given a strong impulse and is set to be increased to at least 24% by 2025. With additional reducing measures for car traffic a cycle traffic share of up to 28% would be possible. Cycle Competence members Rosinak & Partner and Z_GIS have contributed significantly to drawing up the cycle strategy.

The cycle strategy of the city of Salzburg has the motto “More mobility for all” and it comprises the following fields of action:

  • New cycle lanes an a secure, comfortable cycling infrastructure
  • Optimisation of cycle parking
  • More information, communication and cooperation
  • Thinking cycle traffic on a multi-modal basis
  • Applied cycling culture in politics and administration
  • Monitoring, evaluation and scientific support

One focus in the cycling strategy is increasing resources. The annual construction budget is set to be doubled from €1m to €2m. Additionally an increase in personnel and an increased planning and communications budget have been suggested. The cycling strategy was outlined in close cooperation with the responsible departments of the city of Salzburg administration. The decision on the political level is still outstanding but is scheduled to happen soon.

The cycling strategy can be downloaded here (in German)

  1. RadstrategieSalzburg2_StadtSalzburg2017

Photo and graphics: City of Salzburg/Cycling strategy Salzburg

Posted on June 27, 2017