New products for 2018 with cycle competence

WOOM, VELLO and KTM already presented exciting new developments for the 2018 season. The best stage for this was of course the annual Eurobike in Friedrichshafen as it is the largest commercial cycle fair in Europe. Not only do the products and prototypes presented there offer a lot of IQ in development but also a lot of E in their application. Electronic support is an omnipresent topic in the cycling industry. In all of this the first self-charging e-folding bike VELLO+ stands out.

VELLO BIKE+ offers infinite reach

With the new electronic folding bike BIKE+ Vienna-based VELLO is setting new standards in urban mobility. Already in autumn 2016 BIKE+ triggered a wave of enthusiasm on Kickstarter and Indiegogo with more than €700.000 in crowdfunding investments. Now is has been brought to the serial production stage in two versions: As top version with titanium frame and Gates belt drive as well as standard version with Chrome frame and conventional chain.

The folding bike is rendered unique by the potential infinite reach. This is made possible by the K.E.R.S.-technology (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) feeding energy into the battery when breaking or going downhill. This way, the charging status is kept level at the lowest of the six support modes. Fully charged the conventional way the 160Wh battery lasts around 50 kilometers at maximum motor performance. This makes the bike the ideal city speedster weighing just under 13kg.

KTM presents foldable e-prototype

With the KTM Macina Fold the long-established Austrian brand enters a new market segment: An electrically supported folding bike with 20 inch wheels and belt drive in dynamic KTM design. Motorised with Bosch Active Line or Active Line Plus, fitted with Gates CDX carbon belt and Shimano Alfine internal hub as well as hydraulic disc breaks the bike combines several top components and might soon be added to the new KTM collection for 2018, which was presented in its full glory at the Eurobike.

WOOM: Safe bike riding – even a child can do it

Children are fine completely without additional power, they have enough energy themselves. Austrian innovative children’s bike producer WOOM presented the newly developed children’s helmet and an innovative tandem bar at the Eurobike.

The new helmet with clever details shows that even in a product segment as densely covered as head protection for children a lot of innovation potential remains.

The patented tandem bar is supposed to ensure – different to most other existing solutions – children on bikes are learning the correct curve inclination fitting the curve radius.

Fotos: Hersteller, Ebike-Tipps



Posted on October 6, 2017