European cycling summit 2018 in Salzburg

The motto is “Cycling culture moves” and the flag is European because of the EU presidency. This will be the setting for the cycling summit in Salzburg from 24 to 26 September 2018. The programme is online now! In the exhibition area CycleCompetence Austria will set up a lounge for exchanges with experts.

The programme offers exciting keynote presentations, panel discussions and interactive formats.

Cyclists will be at the very center of this event. The goal for these three days is to shift the focus from infrastructure, technology and administration to humans on bicycles. We would like to provide inspiring impulses for the establishment and improvement of vibrant cycling cultures in cities and municipalities. The European Cycling Summit 2018, organized by Cycle Competmce member Z_GIS University of Salzburg, is going to host a wide variety of keynotes, panel discussions, paper sessions, interactive formats and an exhibition area. Moreover, excursions and an attractive social program are going to be offered to delegates.

The European Cycling Summit 2018 is a great opportunity to explore Austria’s cycling capital Salzburg and to connect with national and international cycling enthusiasts. Join the event and benefit from a diverse network of experts from academia, administration, interest groups and innovative companies.

The European Cycling Summit 2018 is the main event this year in a series of Austrian cycling summits, happening annually. International speakers and delegates are invited to Salzburg under the auspices of the Austrian EU precidency. The European Cycling Summit 2018 is hosted by the city and the province of Salzburg in cooperation with the Federal Climate Protection Agency, klimaaktive mobil from the Austrian Ministry of Sustainability and Tourism, and the Austrian Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology.

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Posted on July 6, 2018