The annual Cycle Competence prize draw: win a VELLO!

Among all our loyal newsletter readers who can answer three questions on bicycle traffic the platform Cycle Competnece is giving away an urban folding bike from Cycle Competence member VELLO at the European Cycling Summit in Salzburg. Here you can read the questions, the last one will follow in the next newsletters.

Question 1, April 2018 : What is the goal for Austria’s bicycle modal share in 2025 which is mentioned in the Austrian cycling strategy “Masterplan Radfahren 2015-2025”?

Question 2, July 2018: How many billion Euro of external costs are caused by the phenomenon “traffic” annually?

Question 3, September 2018 : How much money would have to be spend per capita in Austria annually to achieve a yearly cycling budget of at least €300m as calculated by Cycle Competence Austria?

Please answer by writing a short email* including name, adress and phonenumber to until Sept 22nd!

Win a VELLO Urbano!

The VELLO Urbano was developed to provide maximum riding comfort and make everyday commuting a pleasurable experience. A comfortable saddle, cushioned grips, and its Shimano Claris 8-speed derailleur make it the perfect choice for riders who like to sit upright on their bike while meandering through the city streets.

Read more about VELLO and especially the  VELLO Bike+ here: VELLO

*Gewinnspiel: Teilnahme-Voraussetzung ist zeitgerechte Einsendung der drei richtigen Antworten bis 22.9. 13:00 oder Beantwortung aller drei Fragen direkt am Radgipfel in der Radkompetenz-Lounge bis 25.9. 16:00. Der Rechtsweg ist ausgeschlossen. Um an der Verlosung teilzunehmen ist es nicht Voraussetzung, beim Radgipfel vor Ort zu sein.

Posted on May 6, 2018