Over one million users from more than 80 countries have helped make Bikemap an international online-community united by one major passion: Cycling. This makes the Vienna-based Bikemap portal, specializing in cycling routes, one of the largest cycling communities worldwide. The Bikemap-App is available in eight languages – including an app for the Chinese market.

The idea for Bikemap was born in 2007 when a few enthusiastic cyclists wanted to share their routes with friends, simple and fast. Meanwhile over 1,000,000 cyclists from all over the world love Bikemap!

Perfect orientation en route with Bikemap

More than 1,500 cycling routes are added daily to the Bikemap platform. This ensures users are following the best cycling routes. They can easily export their Bikemap routes onto their GPS-devices or import them to Bikemap to edit them, share them or simply relive memories while looking through them.