Video: Vienna as model city for cycle traffic

For many countries neighbouring Austria, Vienna has a model character for the step-by-step improvement of cycle traffic. A Serbian film team has therefore come to Vienna: The every-day routes in Belgrade are getting longer, every year there is 3% more motorized traffic in the streets compared to the previous year. Every new parking space that is built brings more cars, more traffic, more chaos. Therefore strategic traffic planning is needed. What can this look like?

Filmmaker Marka Žvaka has come to Vienna together with his cycling friends Zoran Bukvić and Dusan Cavic to get inspiration. Radlobby spokesman Roland Romano and Martin Blum, cycling coordinator for the city of Vienna, showed the three around Vienna on bikes. They provided the team with important, partly also critical, insights into the city’s traffic planning and relevant topics from cycle politics.

Posted on July 6, 2018