Parking initiative and mobility point

Growing efforts to promote climate-friendly mobility chains also increase the importance of parking facilities at hubs and railway stations. To help achieve this, Cycle Competence member RADLand Niederösterreich (province of Lower Austria) has announced a million euro investment programme. At the same time, a pilot project is implemented in cooperation with Cycle Competence member Innovametall.

Park&Ride-package in Lower Austria

The regional government in St. Pölten has decided on a package which will bring major improvements for commuters in Lower Austria in the districts of Bruck/Leitha, Melk and Mödling: The province of Lower Austria is investing over 1.12 million euros at five locations creating 478 new spaces for cars as well as 375 for bicycles and mopeds. The Austrian railway operator ÖBB will be building the parking facilities. In total, the construction will cost around 3.1 million euros.

The plan includes new parking facilities at the train station Wilfleinsdorf (62 for cars, 65 for bikes and mopeds), station Wolfsthal (66 for cars, 38 for two-wheelers) and at the public transport stop Perchtoldsdorf (64 for cars, 55 for two-wheelers). Additionally, the parking facilities in Loosdorf (150 car spaces) and Mödling (136 car, 214 bike and moped spaces) are to be expanded.

Mobility Point in Vienna

The project Smarter Together = Gemeinsam g’scheiter aims to develop innovative but mainly integrated Smart City solutions in Vienna’s district Simmering. Smart mobility is among the core goals. One of the challenges in the project was to find integrated mobility innovations complementing the already existing dense and prioritised public transport network.

Two important approaches are pursued within the project: On the one hand, private e-car as well as e-bike sharing models were developed. These are to be implemented specifically in the residential complex of the BWSG at Hauffgasse 37-47 (managed by Caruso and Sycube). A project for a wider audience are the innovative approaches of the Wiener Stadtwerke/Wiener Linien (NEUMO): They developed the concept of an innovative mobility hub or “Mobility Point”.

Novel mobility hub with Innovametall

A Mobility Point is a hub bringing together different forms of mobility in a small area. A mobility station is currently being established in Simmering to cover the needs of the local population. It is also designed to match the local characteristics of the region. The Mobility Point comprises targeted e-bike and e-car sharing and safe parking for bicycles. This is where the Safetydock® by Cycle Competence Member Innovametall comes in – it will be installed in September.

To avoid the risks usually associated with parking a bicycle in a public space a Safetydock® bike box will be available on the Simmeringer Platz at the WienMobil station. Bicycles can be stored safely in it and e-bikes can be charged. This allows people to be relaxed about using the mobility offers in the certainty that their bike will be undamaged upon return. This Safetydock® ensures a modern and neat bicycle lifestyle.

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Posted on September 14, 2018