First Cycle Competence Masterclass: Salzburg 2019

On 2 April 2019 the Cycle Competence Austria platform, together with the urban mobility lab Salzburg, organised its first training masterclass. Under the heading “This is what cycle traffic should look like!” representatives of municipalities as well as cycling coordinators were invited to the event which was part of the pre-programme of the “Networkmeeting Cycle Traffic” by the province of Salzburg. This first “Cycle Competence Masterclass” was focusing on core topics of traffic planning and received very positive feedback. Many of Austria’s best cycle traffic planners were part of the seminar’s programme, i.e. Cycle Competence members con.sens mobilitätsdesign, Komobile, PRISMA solutions, Rosinak & Partner, Verracon and Z_GIS Uni Salzburg.

Talk by Sebastian Reinberg, Komobile Gmunden, on the road to the masterplan cycle traffic for the province of Salzburg

Programme recap

At the start of the well-attended seminar the host, the “urban mobility lab salzburg” presented itself and its activities as a joint initiative by the transport ministry BMVIT and the project partners SIR, city of Salzburg, province of Salzburg, iSPACE, Salzburg Research and Z_GIS. This was followed by six opening statements by Cycle Competence members and a participative workshop. In this part of the programme the experts took a look at current cycle traffic challenges the seminar participants are currently facing. Together with them they discussed possible solutions.

Workshop themed table with Olivia Kantner, Komobile Vienna, and Andrea Weninger, Rosinak & Partner

Here is a list of the topics covered by Cycle Competence members at the seminar:

After having received the seminar certificates and a relaxed lunch the participants continued the training session with the practical part – in bright sunshine: The cycling excursion organised by Josef Reithofer, city of Salzburg, included the most interesting innovations around cycle traffic and urban development in Salzburg. Then it continued to the main event of the day, the Salzburg cycling network meeting in the Tribüne Lehen.

The cycling excursion stops-off  at one of the fourteen bridges over the Salzach open for cyclists.

The state-of-the-art renovation of the residential estate in the Strubergasse features two cycle parking spaces per flat on average. Parking space for motorised vehicles is out of sight.

Best practice from Salzburg: The mobility guidebook for citizens of Salzburg who just moved address.

The programme of the Salzburg network meeting can be downloaded here. Please send requests for booking future “Masterclasses” to

(Photos: Peter Weiß, uml Salzburg, Alec Hager)

Posted on April 29, 2019