Global cycling conference: Velo-city 2019 in Dublin

Dublin is hosting this year’s Velo-city conference and with it over 1,000 experts and activists helping cycle traffic to achieve the significance and attention it deserves. From 25 to 29 June the summit of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) will offer a diversified expert programme. Cycle Competence Austria is contributing to that. Yesterday it was officially announced that the next Velo-city Conference 2020 will be close to Austria in Ljubljana, as Mexico City has withdrawn its place.

The Velo-city conference which had taken place in Vienna in 2013 is the world’s largest conference on cycle traffic. The platform CycleCompetence Austria will have a presentation booth, offer a range of presentations and also provide the main price for the conference raffle: A folding bike from our CycleCompetence member VELLO. On our Twitter channel @CycleCompetence we will be offering continuous updates from the conference.

“Cycle Competence: Five Years of Austrias Cycling Embassy”

Half a decade ago, Austrian traffic planers, researchers, producers and advocates founded the platform “Cycle Competence Austria”. Now its more than 30 member institutions form an established network of know how transfer in central Europe. An insight into recent projects and outcomes.

  • Alec Hager, Plattform-Koordinator: “Cycle Competence: Five years of Austria’s Cycling Embassy”
  • Andreas Friedwagner, Verracon: “Coordinating transnational cooperation”
  • Michael Szeiler, con.sens: “Developing the cycling network for the City of Salzburg”
  • Susanne Wrighton, FGM: “Raising awareness: expertise in national and international promotion of cycle traffic”
  • Martin Loidl, Z_GIS: „Looking at cycling mobility through geographical lenses“
  • Daniel Kofler, Bike Citizens: “GPS data analysis to improve bicycle traffic planning”

You can find the conference program here.


Posted on June 26, 2019