Linking reporting platforms for potholes

Especially in every-day cycling potholes and other damages to the road surface are a nuisance as they have to be avoided daily. For the road maintenance administration it is important to efficiently deal with reports about such damages. CycleCompetence member PRISMA solutions has found an intelligent solution to link the regional database for the German province of Hessen with the international reporting platform RADar!

For cycle traffic there are innovate products to support the registration, administration and maintenance of cycling infrastructure. For the German association ivm, which focuses on traffic and mobility management in the Frankfurt/Main region, PRISMA solutions created a reporting reporting platform for cycle traffic. Since 2010, cyclists in Hessen can report damages to cycling infrastructure to the relevant authorities. A sophisticated backend system supports the administrative process and ensures a smooth processing of the reports.

A lot of communities in Hessen are also active members of the international reporting platform RADar! This is good for their prestige but it creates a higher workload dealing with reports from two platforms.

To amend this situation PRISMA solutions has linked both systems. Cyclists as well as communities can now continue to use their preferred platform. The reports are synchronised between the platforms and are available in both. This increases service quality for cyclists and reduces the workload for the public administration offices.


Posted on June 26, 2019