Member News: Mountainbike trails and job bike offers

Before the standstill caused by the Corona pandemic Cycle Competence members Bike Citizens, Kaloveo,  Bike Energy and Innovametall had been very active. During the shutdown FGM’s webinars for the EU project Metamorphosis are available in home offices world wide. Traffic planners verkehrplus keep up the team spirit by holding virtual team breakfasts. An overview:

New job bike provider from among Cycle Competence members

Cycle Competence member Kaloveo is known for its high-quality e-bike leasing solutions for Tourism in Austria. Now, owner Bernhard Mildner has recognized new trend: Since the beginning of the year, a new favourable tax framework for job bikes in Austria is in place. Therefore Mildner created a job bike solution for e-bikes called “”.

Cycle Competence member Bike Energy has realised a true model project in the Swiss canton of Uri: Together with EWA Energie Uri a widespread charging infrastructure with over 30 charging stations for the local mountain bike tourism is created. “Everyone was on board for this,” said Bike Energy managing director Peter Schitter. “It is amazing what amazing projects can be realised when everyone is looking at the same goal and is consistently working towards it!”

Weiz is making cycling digital!

Right at the beginning of the year 2020 the city of Weiz started a cooperation with Bike Citizens. Since mid-March the Bike Citizen app is the city’s official cycling app. This example shows that not only large cities are appreciating navigation and tracking but also smaller cities predestined for cycling. The city of Weiz is aiming to bring more people to use the bike for every-day errands as this would be good for them as well as the environment.

Of course, safety in traffic is also a priority when cycling! To ensure all citizens of Weiz are travelling safely by bike when navigating the city has invested in “Finn”, the handy smartphone mount developed by Bike Citizens fitting every handle bar and every phone.

Novel bike boxes for the train station in Mödling

In Mödling, a new model for safe, space-saving bicycle parking at train stations was installed for the first time. It was developed by Cycle Competence member Innovametall based on its “Safety Dock” concept: Double deck parking in separate bike boxes that can be unlocked digitally rendering it up-to-date in usage and administration!

SPACE Transformers and webinars

For some time now, four “Space transformers” in Graz are transforming car parking spaces in streets into spaces available for everyone to take a break. For this, Cycle Competence member FGM is using road code (StVO)-compliant cargo bikes. According to this legal frameworks such cargo bikes can be parked on a public parking space without having to pay a ticket (as shown in this Facebook video). As part of the EU project METAMORPHOSIS, FGM held a webinar explaining how to build your own “Space Transformer”. Other webinars were held on cycle training for kids in the final year of elementary school. The webinar shows how FGM implemented the trainings in Graz, explains the process and why traffic reality was trained. It also points out possible hurdles that have to be overcome and gives helpful tips on how to implement similar trainings in other cities. The webinars were recorded and can be (re-)watched on the project website.

Cycle lane Linke Wienzeile open since year-end 2019

After long discussions over routing, fears and wishes of residents and entrepreneurs this important project planned by Cycle Competence member Rosinak & Partner was realised. Between Köstlergasse and Nibelungengasse a two-directional cycle lane was created as an important gap closure in the existing network.

Text & Photos: members, editors AH, G.Wannemacher

Posted on April 16, 2020