Test winner, awards and new appearances

Three Cycle Competence members made strong appearances in June: Bike Citizens from Graz received an award from climate minister Leonore Gewessler (Greens) for its research activities. Austrias leading bicycle manufacturer KTM clearly won the e-bike test of the consumer lobby VKI. And communication agency katapult developed the brand strategy process for the cycling school “Schulterblick” (glance over the shoulder) for a new communication campaign.

FFG spirit prize 2020 for Bike Citizens

At the beginning of June, Cycle Competence member Bike Citizens welcomed Leonore Gewessler. She stopped by together with Klaus Seiner, managing director of the research promotion agency FFG, to award the young technology company the FFG Spirit Prize 2020 for their various research projects. At the meeting, the minister revealed that she is using the Bike Citizens cycling app herself for riding her bike in Vienna. The app is also used by cities like Frankfurt/Main, Stuttgart, towns in the Hannover region or Linz and Weiz as official cycling app.

With distancing: Klaus Seiner (FFG), Elisabeth Felberbauer (managing director Bike Citizens), federal minister Leonore Gewessler (BMK), Tom Rath (Bike Citizens), Prof. Helmut List, Christian Wind (Bike Citizens)

The anonymised data collected with the app helps to analyse cycling behaviour and implement target-oriented improvement of traffic infrastructure. Apart from the data collection and analysis, the minister was particularly interested in the Bike Citizen research into climate change and its impact on active mobility. In this field the Cycle Competence member has developed a model to collect and visualise data on the weather sensitivities of cyclists. This was done together with Joanneum Research in the H2020 project “”. The result shows how the cycling volume could change with climate conditions.

KTM clear winner of the e-bike test

The consumer lobby VKI tested twelve Pedelecs in the price segment between €2,300 and €3,500 on the road, off-road and in a lab. Additionally, an e-support of 200% in a hilly area with poor asphalt was simulated in a lab. “Under this extreme conditions the batteries lasted around 50km”, said Christian Kornherr, head of the testing department at the VKI. “The field test showed a much longer battery life: The batteries lasted for around 80 to 100km.”

Out of the total of 12 tested models four were given a “good” mark. In first place was the €3,500 model Macina Tour 510 from Cycle Competence member KTM. “The KTM e-bike was the clear winner of the test. It behaved stably and consistently in every situation be it at high speeds, in curves or up the hill. And the motor provided stable and powerful support,” said the head of testing, Christian Kornherr, about the bike with Bosch Performance CX motor.

In general, the strong trend of buying an e-bike is continuing. Already every third bike sold in Austria is an e-bike. KTM managing director Stefan Limbrunner confirms this for his brand. He expects an increase in turnover of 25% for this year. It is clear that the e-bike is the most successful form of e-mobility (broadcaster ORF on vehicles purchased in 2019):

katapult: brand strategy for cycling school

Under the slogan “Cycling Courses for Real Life” the cycling school “Schulterblick” goes into June with a completely new brand strategy process developed by Cycle Competence member katapult. This is how attractive bicycle communication can be!

The new slogan expresses the practical relevance of the cycling school which primarily operates in Vienna but also in Lower Austria. “Schulterblick” enables children and young people to learn and train cycling in real traffic. The new line of communication was preceded by a multi-layer workshop process headed by katapult for sustainable communication. In it, the core of the brand and a comprehensive marketing strategy were developed. These served as as the basis for the new slogan, research, corporate designs and their creative translation into the new web presence as well as a brief but on-the-point 8-page folder.

“We wanted to capture all the impressions, developments in competences and the maturation from child to traffic participants to make them come to live in the new brand appearance. It is an essential concern to pass on something for sustainable living. In the new brand appearance you can feel the spark jumping – this is also traffic change,” says Michael Bauer, managing director at katapult.

Cycle Competence members FGM-Amor in Graz and Radlobby, for example in Vienna and Upper Austria, are offering cycling courses. Radlobby’s courses are called “FahrSicherRad – The Cycling School”.

Photos: Schulterblick / Tina Herzl; FFG/Harry Schiffer; KTM

Posted on June 29, 2020