Vienna got its first activity park for cycling with open kids training

On the bank of the Neue Donau the city of Vienna opened a unique motor activity park for cycling covering 8,000 square kilometres. It allows children and young people to train their motor activities on bicycles. In a pilot project by Cycle Competence member Fahrrad Wien certified cycling trainers are helping children train on their bicycles – or rent a bicycle there.

Enthusiastic children can explore 17 different stations combining training and fun. The outdoor motor activity park is available for all for free since 21 September. Additionally, another pumptrack also suitable for young people and adults was finished next to the bicycle activity park.

Schematic rendering of the bicycle activity park for cycling

Versatile concept from Vienna

The routing is predetermined by floor markings. The stations present different challenges. For example, there is the grabbing challenge where you have to try and touch as many hanging grab handles as possible. A rattle track and a slightly elevated balancing track are training the ability to stay on track under difficult circumstances. Further, every-day situations such as the crossing of sleepers, tram tracks and cobblestone or mastering bottlenecks can also be trained in a stress-free environment.

The activity park for cycling can not only be used with the bicycle but is also suitable for almost all other non-motorised vehicles such as unicycles, skateboards, inline skates or scooters. The project was financed by the city of Vienna and the district Wien-Donaustadt. The park was set up by the technical department Vienna Waters (MA45). The creation of the motor activity park for cycling traced back to a competition tendered by the Viennese business agency “Kinder Kinder” in 2017. In the spring of the following year the “Radspielplatz Wien” concept by “Die Radvokaten” won its audience award and the second jury prize. This was followed by research in Denmark where there are five cycling playgrounds. Now Vienna saw the first realisation of a motor activity park for cycling based on these models. The second realisation is expected to happen in the Seestadt Aspern in early summer 2021. The planning for Aspern was done by Die Radvokaten & grip architekten.

Opening with district leader Ernst Nevrivy, city councillor Ulli Sima, SP-club chairman Josef Taucher, Alec Hager from Die Radvokaten and cycling representative Martin Blum from Fahrrad Wien (first row from left to right).

Practicing with trainers from Fahrrad Wien

Since 25 September cycling trainers of the mobility agency Vienna in cooperation with MA45 are available at the motor activity park for teaching cycling in a test phase. This free and low-threshold kids training offer is aimed at improving the cycling competence of children between the ages of 3 and 12. Playfully the children are learning to improve their cycling competences. The trainers are addressing children individually and are also answering all questions by parents and accompanying persons. For children coming without a bicycle free rental bikes and helmets are available. This form of kids training is a pilot project and will be evaluated after the test phase in autumn 2020. The program was available every week Friday to Sunday as part of the programme “Die Stadt & Du”.

The team of trainers is provided by the Vienna cycling school “FahrSicherRad” as commissioned by the mobility agency. The staff is trained according to the cycle teacher curriculum of the Federal Ministry for Climate Protection (BMK). They have several years experience with cycle courses for children on play streets in parks or as part of extracurricular activities as preparation for the cycling test.

Detailed description of the obstacle course on a display board of the MA45

Information on the cycling activity park by the city of Vienna can be found here.

Photos: Christian Fürthner/PID
Posted on November 9, 2020