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PRISMA solutions

Optimizing the environment for cycling: PRISMA solutions supports bike coordinators, infrastructure managers and traffic planners in bundling all the relevant information on cycling into the trend of digitization and consistently planning improvement measures. The company from Mödling near Vienna, established in 1999, offers (more…)

bike-energy Charging Stations

Functional infrastructure to charge outdoors is necessary for a true e-bike boom. The solution comes from Salzburg: The first charging station worldwide without home charger. The bike-energy charging stations represent a new way to charge e-bikes on the go without risk.

Bike Citizens

Bike Citizens focuses on cycling promotion, app technology and cycling data analysis for cities. Bike Citizens wants to motivate more people around the world to switch to bicycles to improve living quality in cities. To achieve this, Bike Citizens offers innovative digital solutions (more…)


Over one million users from more than 80 countries have helped make Bikemap an international online-community united by one major passion: Cycling. This makes the Vienna-based Bikemap portal, specializing in cycling routes, one of the largest cycling communities worldwide. The Bikemap-App is available in eight languages – including an app for the Chinese market.


con.sens verkehrsplanung

con.sens verkehrsplanung offers co-creative transport planning and tailored mobility design aiming to develop specific solutions for the best possible result. As the company name suggests – for all projects a focus is on finding a consensus among stakeholders and project partners.


The Cycle Competence sponsoring member klimaaktiv mobil  is an initiative by the Federal Ministry for Climate Action (BMK) for climate-friendly mobility and to promote environmental-friendly vehicles as well as electronic mobility. With klimaaktiv mobil the BMK is making an important contribution to reducing CO2 emissions, helps the economy and creates “green jobs”. (more…)

FGM-AMOR Austrian Mobility Research

The interdisciplinary mobility research team of FGM-AMOR is carrying out research, consulting and implementation in the field of “soft mobility”. Given its participation in more than 100 EU projects, FGM-AMOR has unique access to pan-European research and development networks within the transport and mobility sector. (more…)


Having been founded in 1984 HERRY Consult can now make use of many competences and references in the field of cycling: Based on nationwide as well as target-group oriented mobility surveys, HERRY Consult has a comprehensive understanding of the mobility behaviour of the Austrian population in general, as well as specific groups. Particular focus is placed on “active mobility”. (more…)


Innovametall Stahl- und Metallbau GmbH based in Linz has been active in the urban furnishing segment as well as residential and project construction for decades. Over the last years, we have been working intensively to find new and innovative solutions specially for the segment of bicycle infrastructure. The result is SAFETYDOCK®. In 2010, it became part of Innovametall’s extensive offerings in high-quality bicycle stands, shelters and cycle service stations. (more…)


How do you get people to cycle more often? Which are the most efficient communication measures? Which strategic subject matters can propel a cycling movement? The agency katapult is developing both efficient strategies as well as comprehensive communication and advertising campaigns for “sustainable mobility”. Apart from the corporate design for the Radlobby Österreich and communication strategies, the projects for the mobility agency of the city of Vienna warrant particular mention.


KTM Bikes

A major European player in the cycle industry is Austrian: For decades, KTM has proven the bicycle manufacturing competence contained within its brand. In 2014, the KTM Fahrrad GmbH celebrated its 50th anniversary. Cycle technology has changed in many ways and made significant progress. Over those years, KTM has developed into one of the last remaining full-range providers. But one thing has not changed: KTM is still making Bikes – Made in Austria. (more…)


Die unabhängige österreichische Lösung für eBike-Vermietung von KALOVEO bietet für Betriebe, Hotels und Tourismusverbände entscheidende Vorteile. Kostspielige Investitionen können durch das saisonale Mietkonzept vermieden werden. KALOVEO kümmert sich um laufende Wartung und Versicherung – rund um sorglos, all-inclusive. (more…)

Klimabündnis Österreich

The Climate Alliance (Klimabündnis) is the largest communal climate protection network in Austria. The organization attends to, advises and supports municipalities schools and companies with regards to climate protection, climate justice and adjustment to climate change. One of the largest areas of interest is climate-friendly mobility.

Komobile Vienna & Gmunden

From its offices in Vienna, Gmunden and Luxembourg the interdisciplinary team of komobile develops cycling solutions for national and international clients. Komobile creates cycling concepts, supports bicycle planning strategies and offers municipalities and regions individual consulting in the development and implementation of best solution measures.

Vienna Mobility Agency

Every day hundreds of thousands of Viennese people are moving through the city. Many are walking, using public transport or the bicycle. This helps to make Vienna one of the cities with the highest quality of living worldwide. To ensure this does not change, the aim is to render over 80% of the trips climate-friendly by 2025. The Vienna Mobility Agency is working on this goal for the city of Vienna. (more…)

Province of Vorarlberg

The province of Vorarlberg is a pioneer among the nine Austrian provinces when it comes to cycling traffic. Therefore it joined Cycling Competence Austria as a supporting member. In 2014, it led the ranking of Austrian provinces with a cycling traffic share of 16.3 percent. Vorarlberg is targeting an increase of the cycling traffic share to 20 percent by 2020. (more…)

Province of Lower Austria

Cycling has been actively promoted in Lower Austria for years. The “RADLand” campaign, literally Cycle Province, comprises the Energy and Environment Agency of Lower Austria (eNu), the department of overall traffic matters as well as other departments of the Lower Austrian provincial government’s office, employees of the NÖ.Regional.GmbH, of the climate partnership “Klimabündnis” Niederösterreich as well as other organisations linked to the province administration, and experts.

MCS Maderna Cycle Systems

MCS Maderna Cycle Systems develops conceps and new vehicles in the field of transportation design, B2B aswell as for privat clients. We attend consultation and development right to the ready for production pototype aswell as production to both, companies and private individuals. (more…)


PLANOPTIMO Büro Dr. Köll ZT-GmbH in Reith near Seefeld in Tyrol was established in 1995. It is operating in the areas of traffic analysis, traffic planning, traffic technology and road design. As part of these fields of operation large-scale as well as small-scale cycling concepts are developed, cycling infrastructure is planned and cycle traffic is put into particular focus when planning traffic light controls. (more…)


Stay dry, enjoy your life to the full, even if it’s pouring outside. RAINCOMBI makes it possible. Put on quickly, without taking off your shoes, RAINCOMBI protects the whole body from water and wind. The innovative rain overall was designed especially for cyclists. Its optimised cut for extra mobility, small weight (app. 430g) and pack size make RAINCOMBI a perfect rain gear also for Hiking, Nordic Walking and other outdoor activities.



Radlobby Austria as advocacy group for Austria’s everyday cyclists was founded in 2012 as federal association of all regionally active cycling representation groups. Those in turn can be proud to have three decades of experience in cycling politics and over 6,000 members. (more…)

Rosinak & Partner

As planning and consulting company, Vienna-based Rosinak & Partner is working and researching the fields of traffic planning & technology, infrastructure planning, space & mobility, environment, as well as communication. It is important to link those fields and create useful interface know-how. (more…)

Stadt Salzburg

The city of Salzburg is one of the most cycle-friendly cities in Austria: 20% of the journeys are done by bicycle. For their shopping trips in the inner city as many as 30% of traffic participants are using the bicycle. This makes Salzburg one of the cycling capitals in Austria and therefore it cannot be absent from the group of CycleCompetence promotion members. (more…)


The high-performance, handmade and light folding bike VELLO was designed in 2014 in Vienna especially for the city. Sophisticated innovations allow for maximum efficiency and comfort. With its 20 inch wheel the VELLO is very manoeuvrable. An innovative folding mechanism means it can be folded-up in seconds and then wheeled along which makes it easier to take it into lifts or onto public transport. (more…)


Together with the responsible municipalities, regions and ministries, the experts at Verracon are improving the framework conditions for cycling. The range of current activities include the coordination of national cycling coordinators to come up with a new pan-European master plan for cycling promotion, the elaboration of regional cycling strategies and the development of regional cycling networks.


Ziegler Außenanlagen GmbH is based in Austria since 2006. It offers roofing solutions ranging from bicycle shelters to bicycle garages and carports to bus shelters as well as various solutions for open space design. Urban furniture, cycle parking systems, waste disposal solutions and cycle locking systems complement the product range. Over the last years, Ziegler has committed itself mainly to cycle mobility – especially also electronic mobility – and is offering very varied and also individual solutions. (more…)

verkehrplus GmbH

The striving for the optimal and future-oriented solution is always in the focus for tha Graz-based planning office verkehrplus. verkehrplus take the approach of developing creative ideas adapted to local situations and implementing them together with their clients. Each of the verkehrplus traffic solutions is a tailored suit based on a well thought-out planning process. (more…)