JobRad Austria

JobRad Österreich

The idea of company bicycles has arrived in Austria. JobRad, inventor and market leader from Germany, brings knowhow to the Austrian market.

JobRad turns bicycles and E-Bikes into company bikes: As mobility service agency JobRad Austria uses a digital portal solution to organize the leasing and transfer of company bikes between employers and their employees.

JobRad is the easiest way to a company bike. After approval of the budget by the employer, employees can start looking for their dream bike. Employers lease the bike and leave it to the employees. They can use their company bike for both private and business related commuting as well as for vacation and sports.

The German market leader has been getting people on their bikes for more than ten years. In Austria, a dedicated team in Vienna is passionately working on getting people on (company) bikes, because job bikes attract talent, keep employees fit and protect the environment. Interested parties can find further information at


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