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Gendered Sharrows: Innovative road markings used for the first time

Sharrows are road markings to direct cycle traffic. They aim to make cyclists more visible on the roads. In Mödling in Lower Austria, a new form of road marking is used on the road connecting the train station with the HTL school. The use of these new markings intended to appeal to female cyclists was planned by Cycle Competence member [...]

Trailblazing cycling map and quality criteria in Vorarlberg and Salzburg

Current developments in the two Austrian model cycling states Vorarlberg and Salzburg prove impressively what it takes to improve the framework conditions for cycling traffic: Modern information systems and high-quality infrastructure. CycleCompetence member Z_GIS, the Interfaculty Department of Geoinformatics (University of Salzburg), has developed a comprehensive information portal wit the so-called “Radlkarte”. Vorarlberg has compiled an exemplary accessibility model for every-day [...]

Study commuting to work: motivation to cycle

Many initiatives around the world are campaigning for an uptake of utilitarian cycling. One of them is the Austrian initiative Radelt zur Arbeit – English: “Bike to Work”. An evaluation study of the Cycle Competence Member AIT – Austrian Institute of Technologies sheds light on the impact of this campaign and provides insights on how a motivating social setting can [...]

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Positive health effects on children by cycling

Reduced physical activity in their daily lives has negative health effects on children and young people. Their leisure activities are mostly done in a seated position or lying down. Mag. Hans-Christian Miko from the Vienna Medical University offers evidence-based academic studies confirming the efficiency of cycling as remedy. He has compiled his presentation for the cycle traffic sub-committee of the [...]

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New members: KTM, katapult, RAINCOMBI & Z_GIS join “Cycle Competence Austria”

Four new members are reinforcing the platform “Cycle Competence Austria” in its second year. So we currently have 20 members! First we welcome KTM a large European player in the cycle industry: For decades KTM has proven the bicycle manufacturing competence contained within its brand. […]

Evaluation shows progress in cycling measures in Austria

Pro-cycling amendments to the legal framework bring a fresh breeze to cycling traffic in Austria: This was verified by CycleCompetence member mobility researcher FGM in its brand-new evaluation of the cycling reform package “Fahrradpaket”. The amendments to traffic regulations StVO in 2013 by act of parliament – cycling roads, encounter zones and optional bike paths – are well received by [...]

News from the Cycling Competence Members

The platform CycleCompetence Austria has 17 member companies and institutions. Here is a brief overview of news from some of the members: The BMLFUW has published a new master plan cycling, AIT presented the CycleTripMap at the research festival in Vienna, HERRY Consult informs about the projects “ACTIV8!” and “e-park&drive”, the e-bike-rental concept by KALOVEO gets more and more popular [...]

Trend topic cargo bike: Conference of the European Cycle Logistics Federation (ECLF)

How cargo bikes can pave the way for more liveable cities. This will be presented at the third conference of the European Cycle Logistics Federation in Donostia- San Sebastián from 15 to 17 October. Experts and entrepreneurs from all over Europea will show how cycle logistics fits last-mile deliveries and urban logistics. The conference is accompanied by an exhibition of [...]

City of Vienna publishes positive sharrow-study

The shared-lane marking “sharrow“ is more and more frequently used all over the world. In Austria it was Radlobby Austria which initiated first implementations of these pictograms in Reutte and Tulln and which translated international studies on this subject. Based on this the city of Vienna started a pilot project with “sharrows” on three roads and had it assessed by [...]

Bike Citizens app wins Eurobike Award and ODINE subsidy

Cycling through a city the smart way with a telephone: The app “Bikecitizens” – known as “Bike City Guide” until 2014 – is meanwhile providing cyclists navigation aids for 200 cities, simple route planning and the possibility to record covered routes. For this the young Graz-based company now won the Eurobike Award 2015 in the category Concepts & Services, the [...]

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Bicycle mobility for the elderly

Demographic change is generally a major challenge for Europe. Especially in the field of mobility we are faced with new tasks and challenges. The safe and widespread use of bicycles even among the elderly can help master some of these tasks. Three members of “Cycle Competence Austria” (“Radkompetenz Österreich”) have come up with solutions and innovative ideas for some of [...]

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Social Research: Migrant Women Conquer The Bicycle

The exploratory project “Migrant Women Conquer the Bicycle (Migrad)” of the Austrian Institute of Advanced Studies, supported by the “Cycle Competence” member Radlobby, took a closer look at the topic of cycling mobility of migrant women. There are fewer women using bicycles among migrants from non-EU countries than among Austrians or women from other EU countries. The research projects looked [...]

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