AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

The AIT Austrian Institute of Technology is Austria’s largest research and technology organization and plays in the top league worldwide when it comes to many infrastructure topics. Sustainability is in the genes of AIT: both research projects and internal processes are geared towards conserving resources. The AIT has a current flagship project underway in the area of ​​bicycle mobility.

BikeStar mobile measurement laboratory for bicycle infrastructure


The AIT measuring bike BikeStar was developed to precisely and objectively measure infrastructure for cyclists. The BikeStar consists of a transport bike equipped with high-precision, modern sensors. This means that the cycling infrastructure, for which there is often little detailed digital information (such as width, surface quality, clearance), can be measured while riding. By using a measurement bicyle, access is also possible on narrow paths, and the perspective of the cyclist is preserved, thus increasing the acceptance of the vehicle on the cycle path.

High-precision positioning, 3D videos and LiDAR

All measured values ​​are provided with precise coordinates by the dead reckoning system used. It provides centimeter-precise riding line values, even with poor satellite reception. Special cameras provide images for a virtual tour from the office. This recording or laser scanning can be used for documentation and three-dimensional measurement. You can read more about BikeStar here.



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