Province of Styria – GO RADMOBIL

Styria’s GO! Radmobil initiative The GO RADMOBIL initiative is part of the cycle strategy 2025 of the Austrian province. “GO!” is a call for action both in getting people to rethink mobility but also for a change in traffic policies. The pursuit of maximum comfort has led to many settlement areas being more suitable for cars than for the people living there. Instead of providing a higher quality of living, car traffic is curtailing it.

GO RADMOBIL stands for a conscious choice of mode of transport suited to a specific need. It is also about a fair distribution of road space to ensure safety of all road users. This makes good infrastructure and attractive framework conditions necessary. CycleCompetence member Province of Styria is proactive in both areas as parts of its cycle traffic strategy Styria and the GO RADMOBIL initiative.

The Province of Styria’s comprehensive subsidy programme further supports municipalities and companies in planning and realising measures improving cycling mobility. The clean bicycle has earned to get more space on the roads and in our hearts.

Province of Styria – GO RADMOBIL

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