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 Cycle Competence Webinars – “So geht Radverkehr“ in autumn

Cycle Competence Austria has become one of the most important knowledge sharing platforms in the cycling community. The coronavirus pandemic has shown us all the advantages of online education: no travel and wider participation. Therefor our successful webinar day in April is continued with a monthly webinar in June, September, October and November. […]

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Our model cycling city to take away

This city is buzzing with cyclists, all travelling safely and comfortably. They have everything a cyclist could wish for, from a bicycle garage to protected intersections and a bicycle playground. We created this city for the international Velo-city Conference in Lisbon and although it is only two-dimensional, it shows the most important elements of modern cycle infrastructure. […]

Mobilität in Wien unter COVID19. Begleituntersuchung Temporäre Begegnungszonen und Pop-Up Radinfrastruktur

Die Stadt Wien hat temporäre Begegnungszonen und Radfahrstreifen eingerichtet, um mehr Raum für FußgeherInnen und RadfahrerInnen während der Coronavirus-Pandemie zu schaffen. Die vorliegende Studie beschäftigt sich einerseits mit den Auswirkungen von COVID-19 auf die Mobilität allgemein und evaluiert die Maßnahmen der Stadt Wien im speziellen.

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International Study confirms the positive effects of pop-up cycling infrastructure

During the first months of the Coronavirus pandemic, a worldwide trend emerged: the bicycle is a resilient mode of transport the use of which grew dramatically. Many municipalities saw this and responded by implementing pop-up bike lanes. Scientists at the climate research institute MCC asked, if this kind of investment in bicycle infrastructure would lead to the desired behavioral effects. [...]

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New Radland GmbH and funding information in Lower Austria

The regional government of Lower Austria has set itself ambitious goals for increasing cycling and the necessary cycling infrastructure. Our Radkompetenz member Radland created ‚Radland GmbH – Agency for Active Mobility‘ in order to be a central point of reference for questions and awareness, led by Susanna Hauptmann, Lower Austria’s new commissioner for cycling. An important part of the measures [...]

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Geschwindigkeitsunterschiede ausgewählter Fahrradtypen. KFV – Sicher Leben. Band #19

Die Forschungsstudie „Geschwindigkeitsunterschiede ausgewählter Fahrradtypen“ hat eine quantitative Analyse der Geschwindigkeitsniveaus von Fahrrädern ohne Tretkraftunterstützung, Pedelecs und S-Pedelecs zum Ziel. Im Rahmen der Studie wurden Testfahrten mit 101 ProbandInnen durchgeführt und detaillierte Daten zu Geschwindigkeit und Beschleunigung aufgezeichnet. Jede/r ProbandIn wurde zudem anhand eines standardisierten Fragebogens zu seiner bzw. ihrer subjektiven Einschätzung von Sicherheit und Komfort, bezogen auf die unterschiedlichen [...]

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Protokoll Webinar So geht Radverkehr 2021

Als Ersatz für den Österreichischen Radgipfel 2021 bot die Plattform Radkompetenz Österreich eine gut besuchte zweitägige Seminarreihe an. ExpertInnen der Plattform luden zu Online-Vorträgen und interaktivem Austausch. Kostenlose Teilnahme wurde von klimaaktiv mobil, der Initiative des Bundesministeriums für Klimaschutz, ermöglicht.

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Cycle Competence online seminar as cycling summit substitute

The Austrian Cycling summit 2021 unfortunately had to be postponed to spring 2022 because of the measures taken to limit the spread of Covid-19. As a substitute the platform Cycle Competence Austria is offering a top-level seminar series on the two summit days, 12 & 13 April: Distance learning for everyone interested in the topic cycle traffic be it for [...]

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Lower Austria invests in active mobility

The provincial government of lower Austria wants to double the share of cycling and pedestrian traffic from 22% to 44%. For this, the necessary framework has to be created. In mid-March mobility provincial councillor Ludwig Schleritzko presented the “Strategy Active Mobility” as a basis. Cycle Competence member Verracom was part of the team filling this strategy with content. It comprises [...]

KlimaKonkret renders municipalities and cities climate-fit!

A new initiative was launched to support Austrian municipalities and cities in adjusting to climate change: KlimaKonkret wants to show – based on the example of a prototypal Austrian municipality – which actual possibilities are available for adapting to climate change. It offers a central service point for interested municipalities. Cycle Competence member con.sens mobilitätsdesign has worked on the mobility sector [...]

From Dunav to Salzach: Cycle tourism, signposting, research results

The valleys and planes along the Danube offer outstanding potential for cycle tourism and climate-friendly local traffic on bicycles. Austria is leading a project consortium trying to realize this potential. Also along the Salzach Cycle Competence is active on multiple levels: con.sens mobilitätsdesign is testing new cycling signposting and the Bicycle Observatory is providing new insights. Further, Cycle Competence member [...]

News from Lower Austria: Cycle highway and regional approach

With the slogan “Fit for future – fit into the future” (brochure in German) the province of Lower Austria is implementing extensive measures for active mobility. One key project in cycle traffic will be high-quality cycle highways. Cycle Competence member Verracon GmbH is an expert adviser to the project. And our member con.sens mobilitätsdesign has developed a regional concept for every-day cycling. [...]

Cycling concepts, state awards, new projects: member news!

The news from our CycleCompetence members Bike Citizens, FGM, Innovametall, Planoptimo, Rosinak & Partner, VELLO, woom, the province of Vorarlberg are impressive: One state award for design was fetched, new trains as well as new products and kid’s bicycles were launched, one Eurobike Award was one, one cycling concept for Bregenz was designed, the city of Hannover was supported and [...]

Global cycling conference: Velo-city 2019 in Dublin

Dublin is hosting this year’s Velo-city conference and with it over 1,000 experts and activists helping cycle traffic to achieve the significance and attention it deserves. From 25 to 29 June the summit of the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF) will offer a diversified expert programme. Cycle Competence Austria is contributing to that. Yesterday it was officially announced that the next [...]

A first glance of the new main cycling network in Salzburg

The city of Salzburg has taken another important step to increase the quality of cycling traffic: The future main cycling network will connect more than 100km of cycle traffic facilities to generate new quality. Here we are providing you with the very first glance of the details for the network plan. Cycle Competence member con.sens had a leading role in developing this comprehensive [...]

First Cycle Competence Masterclass: Salzburg 2019

On 2 April 2019 the Cycle Competence Austria platform, together with the urban mobility lab Salzburg, organised its first training masterclass. Under the heading “This is what cycle traffic should look like!” representatives of municipalities as well as cycling coordinators were invited to the event which was part of the pre-programme of the “Networkmeeting Cycle Traffic” by the province of Salzburg. [...]

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City of Salzburg develops new main cycle network

With the cycling strategy decided on in 2017, the city of Salzburg has set ambitious targets. By 2025 the share of cycling traffic is to increase from currently 20% to at least 24%. With parallel measures in car traffic the cycling share could get up to as high as 28%. A central area for the measures set down in the [...]

con.sens verkehrsplanung

con.sens verkehrsplanung offers co-creative transport planning and tailored mobility design aiming to develop specific solutions for the best possible result. As the company name suggests – for all projects a focus is on finding a consensus among stakeholders and project partners. […]

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