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Protokoll Webinar So geht Radverkehr 2021

Als Ersatz für den Österreichischen Radgipfel 2021 bot die Plattform Radkompetenz Österreich eine gut besuchte zweitägige Seminarreihe an. ExpertInnen der Plattform luden zu Online-Vorträgen und interaktivem Austausch. Kostenlose Teilnahme wurde von klimaaktiv mobil, der Initiative des Bundesministeriums für Klimaschutz, ermöglicht.

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Cycle Competence online seminar as cycling summit substitute

The Austrian Cycling summit 2021 unfortunately had to be postponed to spring 2022 because of the measures taken to limit the spread of Covid-19. As a substitute the platform Cycle Competence Austria is offering a top-level seminar series on the two summit days, 12 & 13 April: Distance learning for everyone interested in the topic cycle traffic be it for [...]

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Wie wird meine Tourismusdestination nachhaltig mobil? Anleitung für Praktikerinnen und Praktiker

Diese Anleitung richtet sich an Tourismusdestinationen und andere Tourismus- und Mobilitätsakteurinnen und -akteure, die Interesse an sanfter Mobilität - im Sinne von „nachhaltiger, klimafreundlicher und damit umweltschonender Fortbewegung“ – haben oder in ihrem Wirkungsbereich konkrete Maßnahmen zur Förderung sanfter Mobilität umsetzen wollen.

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Masterplan Radfahren. Strategie zur Förderung des Radverkehrs in Österreich

Der Masterplan für den Radverkehr soll einen bundesweiten Impuls für die Radverkehrsförderung in Österreich bewirken und die Maßnahmenumsetzung in Kooperation von Bund, Länder, Kommunen und anderen wichtigen AkteurInnen wie Wirtschaft, Verkehrsunternehmen und NGOs fördern. Damit soll der Masterplan einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Erreichung von Umwelt- und Gesundheitszielen leisten und die Lebensqualität in Städten und Gemeinden steigern.

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Masterplan Radfahren. Umsetzungserfolge und neue Schwerpunkte 2011-2015

Mit dem Masterplan Radfahren 2006 und dem darauffolgenden Umsetzungsschwerpunkt Radverkehr in den klima:aktiv mobil-Programmen setzte das Lebensministerium den Startschuss für eine neue Radverkehrsförderoffensive in Österreich. Mit der Steigerung des Radverkehrsanteil in Österreich von 5 % auf 7 % (2010) ist ein erster großer Erfolg der Radverkehrsförderung gelungen.

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Subsidy campaign cycling traffic: Up to 100% funding!

For the first time this year, three major subsidy tracks by the Austrian federal government have been made available to municipalities for cycling traffic projects making it possible to combine them to achieve up to 100% funding level for cycling highways! We are providing a transparent overview of the subsidy tools. Investments in a change in mobility are paying off! [...]

Guideline for Austrian Bicycle Funding: €40m investments

On World Bicycle Day on 3 June, federal minister Leonore Gewessler (Green Party) got a lot of attention for her announcement of a bicycle campaign promising up to €40m in federal subsidies for investments in bike infrastructure. We are taking a closer look at what is included in these investments as well as at the additional subsidies for cycle highways. [...]

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Vienna publishes bicycle street master plan

Bicycle streets and cycling highways are traffic design elements generally viewed as important means to increase attractiveness of cycling traffic. Since the legal implementation of cycling streets in 2013, Austria has already seen a few of these being introduced with the provinces of Vienna and Vorarlberg as pioneers. Now, the city of Vienna has presented its “Masterplan Cycling Streets” developed [...]

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First Cycle Competence Masterclass: Salzburg 2019

On 2 April 2019 the Cycle Competence Austria platform, together with the urban mobility lab Salzburg, organised its first training masterclass. Under the heading “This is what cycle traffic should look like!” representatives of municipalities as well as cycling coordinators were invited to the event which was part of the pre-programme of the “Networkmeeting Cycle Traffic” by the province of Salzburg. [...]

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European cycling summit 2018 in Salzburg

From 24 to 26 September the European Cycling Summit will take place in Salzburg under the heading “Cycling culture moves”. The three-day event is to set a new impulse for establishing a comprehensive cycling culture in cities and municipalities with the help of international experts. Cycle Competence Austria is inviting you to join us for a themed breakfast at our [...]

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Luxembourg’s cycle-friendly reform

In 2017, the Luxembourg traffic ministry commissioned a best-practice study in 2017 to analyse the legal situation of cyclists in six European countries. The focus was on regulation regarding traffic organisation and infrastructure. The Viennese traffic planning office komobile was also part of the study. The result is a comprehensive reform of the legal framework concerning cyclists, which was implemented [...]

Traffic law and bicycles: A European comparison

A comprehensive international best practice study about traffic and infrastructure related laws and regulations promoting cycling and walking was was drawn up by komobile on behalf of the Ministry of Transport in Luxembourg. The countries analysed were Austria, Denmark and Spain. A cooperation was established with the offices MOE/Tetraplan (Denmark) and Citec Ingénieurs Conseils SA (Switzerland) and lead by komobile. [...]

Youth Mobility: New Facts and Handbooks

Children need a lot of exercise. At least 60 minutes of exercise per day is the recommendation for children and young people by the Word Health Organisation (WHO). Overall, only 17.4% of Austrian pupils between the age of 11 and 17 get this much exercise. This was shown by the largest European health study among children and young people, the [...]

Co-designing the city at the push of a button

Cycle Competence members Bike Citizens and komobile support citizen participation in Brussels and in Vienna’s eighths district Josefstadt – in quite different ways: Bike Citizens has co-developed the campaign “PING if you care!”. It allows cyclists in Brussels to report problem sites digitally. In Vienna’s Josefstadt komobile heads the participation process Lokale Agenda 21. Its cycling group has developed a [...]

Cycle Competence trip: German Cycling Academy visits Vienna

Training, networking and exchange of experience take a central role in promoting cycling. The Cycling Academy (“Fahrradakademie”) of the German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) has been pursuing these strategies since 2007 and once a year it is visiting a region that plays a leading role in promoting cycling traffic. In 2016 it was Copenhagen – now it is Vienna’s [...]

The benefits are twice as high as the costs

The cycle traffic planning bureau komobile Gmunden, member of Cycle Competence, was commissioned by the city of Salzburg to conduct an assessment of the potential for an upgrade to the premium cycle route Salzburg-Freilassing. For the first time in Austria, a cost-benefit analysis was applied based on the German standardised evaluation and the Austrian guidelines and regulations for the road [...]

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Komobile Vienna & Gmunden

From its offices in Vienna, Gmunden and Luxembourg the interdisciplinary team of komobile develops cycling solutions for national and international clients. Komobile creates cycling concepts, supports bicycle planning strategies and offers municipalities and regions individual consulting in the development and implementation of best solution measures. […]

Planing & Concepts

The members of Cycle Competence Austria komobile Vienna & Gmunden, Rosinak & Partner and the engineering office Köll stand for visionary traffic concepts with cycle traffic as  a key component. And for future-proof cycle traffic planning which aims to make cycling safe, comfortable and attractive for all ages, thus improving the quality of living in a city, municipality or region. [...]

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