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New guidelines for austrian cycle planning

Current developments in traffic engineering have caused the previous standards and guidelines for road design from 2014 (RVS) to become outdated. From April 1st 2022 new standards and guidelines for cycling infrastructure are being introduced, which a number of our partners helped formulate. In this article, we will present some of the highlights. […]

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Austrian Cycling Summit 2022 with Cycle Competence CEE Forum

From April 3rd to 5th, the 13th Austrian Cycling Summit will take place in Vienna. As a real event! Covid-19 forced the Austrian government to cancel the bicycle summits of 2020 and 2021, but now we are ready for it. Besides many interesting presentations and international key note speaches, the “CEE Forum” hosted by Cycle Competence Austria on Monday April [...]

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Unfalltyp Dooring. Erkenntnisse aus der Studie „Radfahren im Längsverkehr neben haltenden und parkenden Fahrzeugen“ im Auftrag des Kuratoriums für Verkehrssicherheit (KFV)

Im Rahmen der Studie wurden österreichweit mittels Erhebungen durch Videoanalyse und Befragungen von insgesamt mehr als 1.000 Personen das Fahrverhalten von RadfahrerInnen und Kfz-LenkerInnen und dessen Wechselwirkungen in Straßenabschnitten mit angrenzendem Längsparkstreifen und unterschiedlichen Typologien der Radverkehrsführung analysiert.

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Our model cycling city to take away

This city is buzzing with cyclists, all travelling safely and comfortably. They have everything a cyclist could wish for, from a bicycle garage to protected intersections and a bicycle playground. We created this city for the international Velo-city Conference in Lisbon and although it is only two-dimensional, it shows the most important elements of modern cycle infrastructure. […]

A Bike Tunnel, High-Speed Connections and Awards

Cycle Competence member Rosinak & Partner plans the first Austrian bicycle tunnel in Vorarlberg, where an important high-speed connection has also recently opened. Folding bike manufacturers VELLO present world-firsts, and planning office komobile celebrates a highly acclaimed new employee. Read our members’ news here: […]

Dooring-Unfälle. Risiken des Radfahrens im Längsverkehr neben haltenden und parkenden Kfz. Eine Untersuchung verkehrstechnischer Lösungen. KFV Sicher Leben #20

In der Studie wurden Untersuchungen an verschiedenen Standorten in Österreich mit unterschiedlicher Radverkehrsführung durchgeführt. Neben Messungen und videogestützten Analysen des Fahrverhaltens des Rad- und Kfz-Verkehrs umfasste die Untersuchung auch standortabhängige und standortunabhängige Befragungen von Verkehrsteilnehmern (Radfahrern sowie Pkw- und Lkw-Lenkern) sowie eine Analyse der Türöffnungsvorgänge und des Parkverhaltens.

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Protokoll Webinar So geht Radverkehr 2021

Als Ersatz für den Österreichischen Radgipfel 2021 bot die Plattform Radkompetenz Österreich eine gut besuchte zweitägige Seminarreihe an. ExpertInnen der Plattform luden zu Online-Vorträgen und interaktivem Austausch. Kostenlose Teilnahme wurde von klimaaktiv mobil, der Initiative des Bundesministeriums für Klimaschutz, ermöglicht.

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Cycle Competence online seminar as cycling summit substitute

The Austrian Cycling summit 2021 unfortunately had to be postponed to spring 2022 because of the measures taken to limit the spread of Covid-19. As a substitute the platform Cycle Competence Austria is offering a top-level seminar series on the two summit days, 12 & 13 April: Distance learning for everyone interested in the topic cycle traffic be it for [...]

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Federal subsidy campaign brings cycle lane expansion

The successful promotion of the ministry for climate protection’s (BMK) cycling campaign will be continued this year. It means more possibilities for subsidies for municipalities, businesses and associations for measures supporting active mobility. The regional government in Vorarlberg actively took up this offer and created a subsidy package worth 62 million euros. One of its implementations is prepared by the [...]

Cycling concepts, state awards, new projects: member news!

The news from our CycleCompetence members Bike Citizens, FGM, Innovametall, Planoptimo, Rosinak & Partner, VELLO, woom, the province of Vorarlberg are impressive: One state award for design was fetched, new trains as well as new products and kid’s bicycles were launched, one Eurobike Award was one, one cycling concept for Bregenz was designed, the city of Hannover was supported and [...]

CycleCompetence in Berlin at the Parliamentary Evening

At the Parliamentary Evening of the German “Fahrradakademie” Austria’s CycleCompetence was the protagonist on the topic “cycling in rural areas”. At the Austrian Embassy in Berlin experts and MPs from the German Bundestag gathered to hear presentations and panel discussions. Delegates of CycleCompetence members included Johannes Rauch, councillor in the province of Vorarlberg,  Andrea Weninger, managing director at Rosinak & Partner, as well [...]

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First Cycle Competence Masterclass: Salzburg 2019

On 2 April 2019 the Cycle Competence Austria platform, together with the urban mobility lab Salzburg, organised its first training masterclass. Under the heading “This is what cycle traffic should look like!” representatives of municipalities as well as cycling coordinators were invited to the event which was part of the pre-programme of the “Networkmeeting Cycle Traffic” by the province of Salzburg. [...]

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European cycling summit 2018 in Salzburg

From 24 to 26 September the European Cycling Summit will take place in Salzburg under the heading “Cycling culture moves”. The three-day event is to set a new impulse for establishing a comprehensive cycling culture in cities and municipalities with the help of international experts. Cycle Competence Austria is inviting you to join us for a themed breakfast at our [...]

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Cycle route through the nature reserve

Those who know the Lauteracher Ried are aware of its singularities: It is one of the last habitats in Vorarlberg to house characteristic ground-nesting bird species like the Western Curlew, the Corn Crake or the Plover. At the same time the Lauteracher Ried is an important recreation area as well as a production area for agriculture operating under strict nature [...]

Bike-sharing systems: AIT optimises location planning

Not least the entry of large Asian rental bike providers into the Austrian market triggered very controversial discussions of bike-sharing over the last months, particularly in Vienna. As part of the PlanBiSS project, researchers at the AIT Austrian Institute of Technology developed a tool taking into account demand, re-distribution and maintenance of rental bikes. This can help with the main [...]

Cycling strategy city of Salzburg 2025+

The city of Salzburg already is one of the leading cycling cities of Austria with a 20% share of cycle traffic. Now it has presented its new cycling traffic strategy “Radstrategie Salzburg 2025+”.  Cycling traffic in Salzburg is to be given a strong impulse and is set to be increased to at least 24% by 2025. With additional reducing measures [...]

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Study on the risks of dooring alongside parking vehicles

Cycle Competence member Rosinak & Partner has just finished a comprehensive study on cycling alongside parking vehicles and the risks associated with it. The study was commissioned by the Austrian Road Safety Board (KFV). All over Austria ten locations were researched via video analysis. Further, cyclists and car drivers were interviewed. The results show the risk potential for cyclists: [...]

In Bicycle Heaven: Velo-city Conference Review

At the world’s biggest cycling summit „Velo-city 2017“which took place mid-June in Arnhem-Nijmegen in the Dutch province of Gelderland, Cycle Competence Austria had the great opportunity to present cycling knowledge “Made in Austria” to a broad audience. The conference itself and the cycling nation number one  convinced the attending 1.500 experts. […]

Cycle Competence trip: German Cycling Academy visits Vienna

Training, networking and exchange of experience take a central role in promoting cycling. The Cycling Academy (“Fahrradakademie”) of the German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) has been pursuing these strategies since 2007 and once a year it is visiting a region that plays a leading role in promoting cycling traffic. In 2016 it was Copenhagen – now it is Vienna’s [...]

Gendered Sharrows: Innovative road markings used for the first time

Sharrows are road markings to direct cycle traffic. They aim to make cyclists more visible on the roads. In Mödling in Lower Austria, a new form of road marking is used on the road connecting the train station with the HTL school. The use of these new markings intended to appeal to female cyclists was planned by Cycle Competence member [...]

Super cycling: Moving fast over long distances

High-level cycling infrastructure currently is in the international spotlight. In all of Europe fast lanes for cyclists with high-quality requirements, claiming a significant share of traffic budgets, are designed. The Viennese planning criteria for long-distance cycling routes have been published. This shows that high quality needs just as high requirements on future use of space over land as well as [...]

Visit Berlin: VELOBerlin, Plebiscite, Bicycle industry

Cycle traffic is omnipresent in the German capital. But the potentials and the needs are just as apparent. The city authorities want to tackle the problem of bicycle parking facilities. First interim results of their bicycle parking strategy were presented at the bicycle fair VELOBerlin in mid-April. More attention was created by the bicycle-plebiscite “ Volksentscheid Fahrrad” which aims to [...]

Moscow Bicycle Master Plan by Rosinak & Partner

With more than 14 Mio. inhabitants Moscow is Europe’s largest city. Traffic jams on the roads and in the metro are a daily routine for Moscvites commuting into the City Center. But Moscow is a fast changing city and especially young Moscovites are taking trends up quickly. Therefore it is no surprise that riding a bicycle has become fashionable and [...]

Rosinak & Partner

As planning and consulting company, Vienna-based Rosinak & Partner is working and researching the fields of traffic planning & technology, infrastructure planning, space & mobility, environment, as well as communication. It is important to link those fields and create useful interface know-how. […]

Planing & Concepts

The members of Cycle Competence Austria komobile Vienna & Gmunden, Rosinak & Partner and the engineering office Köll stand for visionary traffic concepts with cycle traffic as  a key component. And for future-proof cycle traffic planning which aims to make cycling safe, comfortable and attractive for all ages, thus improving the quality of living in a city, municipality or region. [...]

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