Rendering Wagramer Straße



Rendering Wagramer Straße





VCÖ Mobility Award for Cycle Competence Members

Many Cycle Competence members are glad to be able to celebrate success at having won the 2022 VCÖ Mobility Award. Especially celebrated was the Radlobby, with their winning project ‘Kidical Mass’ which now takes place in 14 cities Austria-wide. Other prize-winning projects by Cycle Competence members were ‘The City and You’, a mobility program in [...]

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The new cyclefriendly Austrian Road Code

On the 1st of October the new Austrian road traffic code comes into effect. It contains important improvements for cyclists and pedestrians. Some of its highlights include ‘right turns on red’, minimum overtaking distances for cars, and legalising riding two abreast. The amendment also contains minor flaws and misses two important original proposals from the draft version. […]

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Future-oriented Study: Austria’s cycle infrastructure needs 7 Billion Euros of investment.

A study published in April 2022 by Cycle Competence members Planoptimo and Verracon at the request of the Ministry for Climate Protection and all nine Austrian regions has shown exactly how much investment is necessary for Austria to increase cycling to reach the ‘Cycling Masterplan’ goal in 2030. Presuming the highest quality implementation, the figure stands at 7 billion Euros. [...]

The latest from the cargo bike boom: bike-sharing and subsidies for Vienna and Salzburg

Nobody would call a cargo bike a niche product anymore and countless large bike brands both have their own cargo bike models and are ramping up production. This trend also has political support in Vienna and in the province of Salzburg. A smart sharing platform is being introduced to the City of Salzburg and the [...]

New Austrian Road Traffic Code in review

On the 29th of April, minister for climate protection Leonore Gewessler presented the latest draft of the Austrian road traffic code which promises to contain important improvements for cyclists and pedestrians. It is currently under review until the 1st of June and will be put to a parliamentary vote after that. Some of its highlights include ‘right turns on red’, [...]

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First Bicycle Policy Audit for Austria completed

The purpose of a Bicycle Policy Audit (BYPAD) is to evaluate the realm of cycling in terms of politics, administration and cycling’s interest groups. This method has so far been carried out in more than 200 cities and regions across Europe. What makes it particularly successful is the ability of its participants to self-evaluate and create space for discussion. For [...]

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New guidelines for austrian cycle planning

Current developments in traffic engineering have caused the previous standards and guidelines for road design from 2014 (RVS) to become outdated. From April 1st 2022 new standards and guidelines for cycling infrastructure are being introduced, which a number of our partners helped formulate. In this article, we will present some of the highlights. […]

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Economic Factors of Cycling: 46,000 Jobs in Austria

An updated study analysing the economic effects of cycling has demonstrated the many positive consequences of cycling in a set of concrete facts and figures. Cycling creates 46,000 jobs and contributes 2.9 billion Euros to the Austrian economy. In fact, the authors of the study discovered that the bicycle industry contributes more economically than the entire Austrian paper industry, and [...]

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Velo-City: World Cycle Conference in Ljubljana

This leading international cycle conference takes place annually, bringing together over 1,200 international experts over four days to give presentations, excursions and to provide a basis for networking within the best and most climate friendly transport sector. This year’s event is closer than it has been for a long time. In 2013, the conference took place in Vienna, and this [...]

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Three new members with specialities in orientation, planning and multi-use bikes

Radkompetenz Austria is pleased to welcome its three newest members in the sectors of navigation, bike production and traffic planning: Max2 – sign and design provide planning and signage for cycle routes, GLEAM Technologies produce hi-tech cargo bikes in Vienna and Traffic engineers Besch & Partner have been established for decades at their base in Vorarlberg, working nationwide. [...]

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