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Cycle Competence trip: German Cycling Academy visits Vienna

Training, networking and exchange of experience take a central role in promoting cycling. The Cycling Academy (“Fahrradakademie”) of the German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) has been pursuing these strategies since 2007 and once a year it is visiting a region that plays a leading role in promoting cycling traffic. In 2016 it was Copenhagen – now it is Vienna’s turn. The study trip is organized by Cycle Competence Austria. The platform also offers bespoke best practice trips for administrations, companies and institutions interested in the Austrian approach to increasing cycle traffic. (more…)

Bike Citizens app wins Eurobike Award and ODINE subsidy

Cycling through a city the smart way with a telephone: The app “Bikecitizens” – known as “Bike City Guide” until 2014 – is meanwhile providing cyclists navigation aids for 200 cities, simple route planning and the possibility to record covered routes. For this the young Graz-based company now won the Eurobike Award 2015 in the category Concepts & Services, the mobility price of the Austrian traffic association VCÖ and a subsidy approval from the international “Open Data Incubator for Europe” (ODINE), which divided up 650,000 Euros in total among seven selected companies in Europe. Congratulations! (more…)

Bike Citizens

Bike Citizens focuses on cycling promotion, app technology and cycling data analysis for cities. Bike Citizens wants to motivate more people around the world to switch to bicycles to improve living quality in cities. To achieve this, Bike Citizens offers innovative digital solutions (more…)


Die unabhängige österreichische Lösung für eBike-Vermietung von KALOVEO bietet für Betriebe, Hotels und Tourismusverbände entscheidende Vorteile. Kostspielige Investitionen können durch das saisonale Mietkonzept vermieden werden. KALOVEO kümmert sich um laufende Wartung und Versicherung – rund um sorglos, all-inclusive. (more…)


Very often it is innovative services that make cycling more attractive and facilitate everyday life or leisure time on a bike. Good examples are the service offerings of Cycle Competence Austria members KALOVEO, Bike Citizens and law firm Pepelnik & Karl.