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Cycle Competence trip: German Cycling Academy visits Vienna

Training, networking and exchange of experience take a central role in promoting cycling. The Cycling Academy (“Fahrradakademie”) of the German Institute of Urban Affairs (Difu) has been pursuing these strategies since 2007 and once a year it is visiting a region that plays a leading role in promoting cycling traffic. In 2016 it was Copenhagen – now it is Vienna’s turn. The study trip is organized by Cycle Competence Austria. The platform also offers bespoke best practice trips for administrations, companies and institutions interested in the Austrian approach to increasing cycle traffic. (more…)

Gendered Sharrows: Innovative road markings used for the first time

Sharrows are road markings to direct cycle traffic. They aim to make cyclists more visible on the roads. In Mödling in Lower Austria, a new form of road marking is used on the road connecting the train station with the HTL school. The use of these new markings intended to appeal to female cyclists was planned by Cycle Competence member Rosinak & Partner. This innovative use on an important school route is followed-up by an effectiveness study. (more…)

Super cycling: Moving fast over long distances

High-level cycling infrastructure currently is in the international spotlight. In all of Europe fast lanes for cyclists with high-quality requirements, claiming a significant share of traffic budgets, are designed. The Viennese planning criteria for long-distance cycling routes have been published. This shows that high quality needs just as high requirements on future use of space over land as well as the necessary willingness to redistribute space in narrow inner cities. (more…)

Evaluation shows progress in cycling measures in Austria

Pro-cycling amendments to the legal framework bring a fresh breeze to cycling traffic in Austria: This was verified by CycleCompetence member mobility researcher FGM in its brand-new evaluation of the cycling reform package “Fahrradpaket”. The amendments to traffic regulations StVO in 2013 by act of parliament – cycling roads, encounter zones and optional bike paths – are well received by Austrian municipalities.


City of Vienna publishes positive sharrow-study

The shared-lane marking “sharrow“ is more and more frequently used all over the world. In Austria it was Radlobby Austria which initiated first implementations of these pictograms in Reutte and Tulln and which translated international studies on this subject. Based on this the city of Vienna started a pilot project with “sharrows” on three roads and had it assessed by the renowned engineering office Knoflacher. This study entitled “Impact of cycling pictograms in road traffic” is now available online in full (in German). It shows very positive results: increased safety in cycling and car traffic because of improved interaction, fewer take-over manoeuvres and cars observe a higher safety distance when taking over. (more…)

Komobile Vienna & Gmunden

From its offices in Vienna, Gmunden and Luxembourg the interdisciplinary team of komobile develops cycling solutions for national and international clients. Komobile creates cycling concepts, supports bicycle planning strategies and offers municipalities and regions individual consulting in the development and implementation of best solution measures.


PLANOPTIMO Büro Dr. Köll ZT-GmbH in Reith near Seefeld in Tyrol was established in 1995. It is operating in the areas of traffic analysis, traffic planning, traffic technology and road design. As part of these fields of operation large-scale as well as small-scale cycling concepts are developed, cycling infrastructure is planned and cycle traffic is put into particular focus when planning traffic light controls. (more…)

Rosinak & Partner

As planning and consulting company, Vienna-based Rosinak & Partner is working and researching the fields of traffic planning & technology, infrastructure planning, space & mobility, environment, as well as communication. It is important to link those fields and create useful interface know-how. (more…)


Together with the responsible municipalities, regions and ministries, the experts at Verracon are improving the framework conditions for cycling. The range of current activities include the coordination of national cycling coordinators to come up with a new pan-European master plan for cycling promotion, the elaboration of regional cycling strategies and the development of regional cycling networks.

Planing & Concepts

The members of Cycle Competence Austria komobile Vienna & Gmunden, Rosinak & Partner and the engineering office Köll stand for visionary traffic concepts with cycle traffic as  a key component. And for future-proof cycle traffic planning which aims to make cycling safe, comfortable and attractive for all ages, thus improving the quality of living in a city, municipality or region. (more…)