WINTERSTEIGER is an international machine and plant engineering group that, since its founding in 1953, has developed a leading position as an innovative solution provider for customers in technically demanding niche markets. As one of the most successful companies in the area of ​​ski grinding and service machines, WINTERSTEIGER is now also setting its aim on the bicycle sector.


Automatic bike wash

In addition to the manual bicycle washing system Veloclean Pro, WINTERSTEIGER offers the Velobrush – an automatic bicycle cleaning station that washes bikes in a particularly environmentally material-friendly manner. Both machines work with low-pressure technology or watering from above. Cleaning e-bikes and sensitive components such as bearings or gear groups is no problem.


A new cleaning concept for different users

In addition to a clean and gentle cleaning process, the focus of the washing systems is, above all, on low energy consumption and high environmental compatibility. Internally installed filters and oil separation devices improve the environmental balance for companies, communities and hotels and offer real added value.


Link to WINTERSTEIGER Velobrush


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